Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clark's Dad & Tons of Smiling

I recently edited a wedding video. There is nothing unique in that since I edit often and for many hours …
                      but there was something that struck me on this edit. It was a moment that under most circumstances may have gone unnoticed.

Attention was on the action - the bride and groom being hoisted up into the air during their hora. They clumsily reached out for each other's hand as one chair was being going up and the other was going down. Lovely, lovely moment. Off to the side, however, there was another camera rolling. What it captured, in my eyes, was beautiful and sweet. The father of the groom … a man not strong enough to dance around the dance floor is in the foreground, slowly waving his arm at his son who was a good 20-25 feet away on the dance floor. Whether it was to get his son's attention or simply to celebrate and join in his son's joy, it doesn't matter. It was a sweet, simple moment.

And the rest of this party sequence is an exercise in smiling. Everyone is smiling and, I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but smile myself. It’s like a virus. That’s the kinda virus I can get behind.

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