Thursday, July 23, 2009

And I didn't even flinch ...

Ok, I realize I'm cheating when I do this.  Isabel's blog written by Isabel, right?  Can we make an exception?  Please, oh please!  I received a thank you card from one of my lovelies the other day and I have to share.  It gave me the warm fuzzies with a splash of giggle.  Here goes (clearing throat) and I quote ...

Dear Isabel,

On behalf of the new husband and myself, thank you so much for being such an amazing wedding videographer!   Amir and I absolutely adore your work and easygoing personality, and we've received so much positive feedback from our guests too.  I remember at one point during the reception, a bunch of us were holding hands and dancing in a circle, while periodically rushing towards the center as a group ... during one of these charges, I glanced over and saw you in the center videotaping and thought,  "Oh my gosh, I hope she gets out of the way so no one tackles her!"  But you didn't even flinch and looked as cool as ever!  I was so amazed and it just made me realize even more how lucky we were to have such a devoted and talented videographer.  Our wedding was the best day of our lives but Amir and I still can't believe how fast it all happened - haha, so we are definitely very thankful and fortunate to have had you there, and we look forward to seeing all the memories captured on (video).  Thank you, for everything!

Pretty nice, right?  I think so.  

So I'm thinking maybe starting out their video with a disclaimer, "No videographers were harmed in the making of this wedding video."   ;)    

Thank you Nasim for the warm fuzzy/giggle moment(s).  

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Heart Super 8!

What do you get when you combine old-school Super 8 film, some sweet digital footage, a kickin' location with an even more kickin' bride and groom?   The trailer below, that's what.  Enjoy Lindsay and Steven's blast of modern nostalgia. 

Coordination: Shannon Berg @ Mary Dann Wedding & Party Coordinators
Photography: Victor Sizemore

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why a videographer?

I remember my mom showing me old Super 8 films on a clunky old projector off of our living room wall as a child.  I remember staring at the little figures that were being projected on the wall.  I could make out my mother as a young person … my grandfather – with hair!  Wow.  How special to see what they were like back in the day.  How I wanted to jump into the picture to experience even more of what it might have been like for them, what they must have felt.  

I also remember that the projector had to be handled just right otherwise the film might melt due to a too-hot bulb or snap in half due to a weakness or small tear in the film.  I knew then how important that film was.  It was my glimpse into my family’s life.  I glimpse I could have seen no other way. 


Fast-forward several years. 

I stand in a church as a bride and groom say their vows as I watch them thru the viewfinder of my camera.  This time I’m the one creating the images that will be experienced by this couple’s family, future children, grandchildren, etc.  Maybe no longer projected on a wall, maybe now on a 42-inch flatscreen.  Old switches now replaced by remotes. 

What draws us in has less to do with the technology used but everything to do with the story.  The medium has changed, the emotions haven’t.

Not everyone considers video a necessity for his or her wedding.  Whether it is because they remember cheesy star-wiped videos from the 80’s or because the budget just doesn’t allow for it.  All valid.  People may have a dozen reasons why they shouldn’t have a video but sometimes they fail to remember why they should…

       ... to hear the emotion in your spouse’s voice as he or she utters their vows to you

       ... a grandparent smiling at you and your new spouse as you begin your new life together

       ... your parents’ heartfelt toast telling you how they've never been prouder

All these moments plus many, many others come together to create a story that is uniquely, sublimely yours.   Your story is not a solitary point in time but many weaved together to include the sights, sounds and emotions of the day.

An experienced videographer knows how to capture these moments, knows how to piece them all together to evoke an emotion.  Aside from the obvious benefits of hiring an expert – professional equipment, experienced eye, dedicated shooter, editing skills – a wedding video has the magical ability to make those ethereal moments tangible all over again and what was once tangible is now ethereal. 

As I watched those old Super 8’s, I poked fun at my mom’s high-teased hair, all the time thinking how beautiful she was.  I don’t know if your children will tease you about anything but I can guarantee they will see their parent’s beauty and the love they share in the video that captured it all.

Today’s videographer goes by many titles … filmmaker, storyteller, visual artist.  Whatever you want to call them, they all have their own unique way of telling a story.  Matching the talents of the artist with the vision and story of the bride and groom will be covered in an upcoming blog on finding the right videographer.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary Larisa + Chris!

07.07.07 – Probably the busiest day in the wedding industry … ever!  The luckiest day of the century?   Maybe.  It was for Larisa and Chris anyway – my beautiful, joy-filled bride and groom.  It was for me as well because I was given the opportunity to shoot their gorgeous event.

The triple sevens were on their side the entire day, no doubt about that.  One special moment that comes to mind when I think of their wedding occurred during the reception.  Chris surprised Larisa by having some musician friends perform  John Lennon’s ‘Love’.  It was quite beautiful. 

So, here it is …  a scene from one of the luckiest days of the century. 

Happy Anniversary Larisa & Chris!



P.S.  Another favorite – the Carolyn Bessette and John F. Kennedy Jr. kiss on the hand moment.  (sigh)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Leave It To Me Meet 'n Greet

The Date:  June 23, 2009.

The Setting:  Sexy outdoor patio of X Bar at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Century City, California. 

The Occasion: Mixer for Beverly Harris’ Leave It To Me Events.

Another opportunity to hobnob with wedding industry professionals.  Although I didn’t do too much hobnobbing myself since my skills were required behind the camera. 

When viewing the world through a small viewfinder, life can become a little more concentrated ... beauty is much more obvious … talents more apparent.  This was the case with Beverly.  You can tell by the reactions of the attendees that this event planner has a fan club in the making.

Enjoy the video of this fun little soiree.  

(Grab a mic everybody!) ... It was a good night (woohoo) … let’s do it, let’s do it again. 

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wedding Happy Hour

I recently had the chance to participate in a great little event - Wedding Happy Hour  (WHH) at the oh-so-cool Foundry on Melrose.  WHH is a chill get-together for brides and grooms that still have a few things to check off of their wedding to-do list. 

What better way to end a Monday evening than to unwind with a cocktail (or two), yummy food and the opportunity to pick the brains of some the wedding industry's best.  I was shooting for most of it so I didn’t get to try all the delectables being passed around, but I did get to try these little tater tot thingies … kinda like the tater tots you used to have as a child except way tastier.  It definitely appealed to the kid in me … ok, ok granted, a big portion of me is all kid but gosh, is there any other way?  ;)

So here’s a quick snapshot of the evening’s happenings.  if you have a chance, try to make it to the next Wedding Happy Hour …. it’s gonna be good.  Here’s hinting at the fabulousness of the event – it’s going to involve martinis and a pool … ‘nuff said!   Check in later for more details on the August 12th Wedding Happy Hour.

Many thanks to the stellar coordination of Marcia Vidal of Crystal Clear Weddings.

Here’s a fun challenge:  There was a TV celebrity in the crowd.  Can you pick that person out?  (Contact me for the answer.)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Trailer: Pearl + Yousef

Grand, touching, joyous … these are just a few words that describe the wedding of Pearl and Yousef.  What a love story.   Don’t take my word for it, catch a glimpse of their trailer.  Each shot tells a story all its own, each shot - its own emotion. 

There was no place to turn where you couldn’t find beauty, thanks to Design Coordinator Shideh Shahraies … from the Sofreh Aghd (an elaborately decorated spread set out for the wedding ceremony) to the grand location – The Langham in Pasadena … to the abundant amount of eye-popping colored flowers … but most importantly, in the eyes of the  Pearl and Yousef when they would look at each other.  Now there was the true beauty.