Monday, December 13, 2010

l + michael | trailer

Oh the tears! The spectacle! The drama! … and that was just me! Ok, no drama ... but I teared up before the ceremony even started.

When L (yes, L) and Michael had their first look, I could feel the love. I got all mushy and teary-eyed. I’ve really got to learn to control that … can’t focus the camera if I have tears in my eyes. And the spectacle came by way of a beautiful day with the loveliest of sunsets.

Enjoy a tease of one of the most intimate ceremonies I’ve shot this year … only 8 guests.

Bride: The Lovely L (for Laura)
Groom: The Dapper Michael
Ringbearer: Adonis the Dog
Photographer: Vanessa Preziose
Hair: Ahn Tran
Cello: Hope Easton
Wedding Hostess: Alicia Kling

and me ... le video chick.