Sunday, May 31, 2009

Desiree + Jeff's Trailer - 05.20.2009

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful Wednesday at La Venta.  You can see all the way to Santa Monica from the hills at Palos Verdes Estates. Should we feel a pang of guilt?  While most people are stuck inside, we’re about to experience a wedding.  Ok, sure, I’m there to work myself, but come on!  My job is to find the story and the beauty in everything.  The surroundings made this so easy for me, how could I possibly call this work?

It’s kind of like sneaking into a movie theatre in the middle of the day.  You feel like you’ve got the theatre all to yourself.  Instead of popcorn, you’ve got the yummy little delectables from the New York Food Company.

The celebrity couple was Desiree and Jeff.  Just like Brad and Angelina, our bride and groom also came with their own paparazzi, Alex Morgan of Scott A. Nelson Photography.  I’ve worked with him before, and it’s always fun to share the red carpet with him.  We keep our pushing and shoving to a minimum. :)

Desiree and Jeff were definitely the stars of the show.  The bridal party, our supporting cast, not in the spotlight, though shining no less bright, completed the supporting ensemble. Before the ceremony, Lee, the best man, promised an award-worthy performance complete with hilarious pelvic gyrations and a brilliant rendition of The Worm, and he didn’t disappoint.

So after an afternoon of feeling like I was playing hooky, here’s a preview of the day. Desiree and Jeff provided the soundtrack, which was apropos, considering their bubbly, nose-crinkling personalities.

Desiree + Jeff's Trailer - 05.20.2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Almost there!

Greetings and salutations all!  I'm excited to get this blog up and running so I can share some super cool stories and clever anecdotes.  LOL!  

My first blog post will be coming up very soon.  No, wait!  Isn't this my first blog post?   Wow, I'm confused now, are you?     

Chat soon everyone!  Cheers!