Tuesday, June 7, 2011

khali + potsch

Hey izzy!!

Khali and I just watched our wedding video. I think the whole thing was out of focus. ... Oh wait that was me CRYING through every minute of it!! We loved it!! Thank you SO MUCH for capturing our most important day (to date) so beautifully and with such honesty and dignity.

Loved it loved it loved it.


That's the email I received from the groom. Nice, right?

So what can I tell you about their wedding day? It was fun, sweet, full of laughter and full of tears. Khali and Potsch? Well, I love them. I straight out love them. They're creative, loving and incredibly open. Their day was full of whimsy and a down-to-earth-no-putting-on-airs vibe here.

There were lots of special moments ...

Such as the guests passing the wedding rings on a rope made out of fabric remnants all the way up to the altar creating a chain of friends or the processional song that includes lyrics like "she thinks all my jokes are corny, convict movies make her horny" or the sausage station for dinner ... it was all downright good stuff.

That's enough words. Enjoy the some moving pictures. (Super 8 film was the cherry on top.)

Don't forget to let the video load completely before watching for smoother viewing. Coolio?

Cast of characters ...

Bride: Khali
Groom: Potsch
Event Planner: Angel Swanson of Events of Love and Splendor
Photographer: Kelty of Steep Street
DJ: Ian of Red Shoe
Oh yeah .. and me! Isabel, Event Filmmaker. :)

Did I forget to mention that Khali and Potsch create and sell some really cool stuff online? Check it out ... HERE.