Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Very Vintage Halloween

It was a windy Tuesday night as I was driving thru the hills of Hollywood.  The further up the mountain I went, the more desolate it became. I wasn’t used to bumpy, single lane roads.  What kind of event had I been invited to participate in?  No signs, no lights.  “Am I here?”,  I thought as I drove into a dirt lot.  No way.  Keep going.  And I did … only to arrive right back to where I started.  Fate?  Who knows?  But these are no times to be questioning such things …. after all, gasoline prices are way too high.  Are those twinkling lights I see up ahead?  Yes indeed!  Joy!  I wasn’t lost after all.  I meet up with some kind folk – Carissa of JL Designs – couture floral and event stylist!  Civilization is not lost!  In fact, this is where it takes on new meaning. 

I sign in at the registration table at the bottom of the hill … and then I’m directed up the path – the dark, predominately unlit path.  Is this the part of the movie where I call out for the proverbial Steve?  In a high-pitched manner … “Steve?  Steve?  Where are you Steve? ….This isn’t funny!” 

I ventured forth with camera in tow.   There’s no such things as ghosts, goblins, Jasons or Freddies.  Up the hill I trekked.  More lights up ahead … oh joy, joy, joy!  Fun and merriment and strange and beautiful costumes abound!  I was safe and happy.  

Enjoy the light at the end of my scary (albeit very short) tunnel.



Beautiful still photography below by Meg Perotti

Leila Khalil – Be Inspired PR

Kellee Khalil – Who What Weddings

Sweet & Saucy Shop

IS Vodka – Shay Scott

Calligraphy Katrina

Mint Photo Lounge

DJ Crash



  1. No, you are! Thanks for the beautiful stills!

  2. Such a great video!! Love it! You guys were so wonderful the whole evening. Fun to run into Chloe, too! :)