Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why a videographer?

I remember my mom showing me old Super 8 films on a clunky old projector off of our living room wall as a child.  I remember staring at the little figures that were being projected on the wall.  I could make out my mother as a young person … my grandfather – with hair!  Wow.  How special to see what they were like back in the day.  How I wanted to jump into the picture to experience even more of what it might have been like for them, what they must have felt.  

I also remember that the projector had to be handled just right otherwise the film might melt due to a too-hot bulb or snap in half due to a weakness or small tear in the film.  I knew then how important that film was.  It was my glimpse into my family’s life.  I glimpse I could have seen no other way. 


Fast-forward several years. 

I stand in a church as a bride and groom say their vows as I watch them thru the viewfinder of my camera.  This time I’m the one creating the images that will be experienced by this couple’s family, future children, grandchildren, etc.  Maybe no longer projected on a wall, maybe now on a 42-inch flatscreen.  Old switches now replaced by remotes. 

What draws us in has less to do with the technology used but everything to do with the story.  The medium has changed, the emotions haven’t.

Not everyone considers video a necessity for his or her wedding.  Whether it is because they remember cheesy star-wiped videos from the 80’s or because the budget just doesn’t allow for it.  All valid.  People may have a dozen reasons why they shouldn’t have a video but sometimes they fail to remember why they should…

       ... to hear the emotion in your spouse’s voice as he or she utters their vows to you

       ... a grandparent smiling at you and your new spouse as you begin your new life together

       ... your parents’ heartfelt toast telling you how they've never been prouder

All these moments plus many, many others come together to create a story that is uniquely, sublimely yours.   Your story is not a solitary point in time but many weaved together to include the sights, sounds and emotions of the day.

An experienced videographer knows how to capture these moments, knows how to piece them all together to evoke an emotion.  Aside from the obvious benefits of hiring an expert – professional equipment, experienced eye, dedicated shooter, editing skills – a wedding video has the magical ability to make those ethereal moments tangible all over again and what was once tangible is now ethereal. 

As I watched those old Super 8’s, I poked fun at my mom’s high-teased hair, all the time thinking how beautiful she was.  I don’t know if your children will tease you about anything but I can guarantee they will see their parent’s beauty and the love they share in the video that captured it all.

Today’s videographer goes by many titles … filmmaker, storyteller, visual artist.  Whatever you want to call them, they all have their own unique way of telling a story.  Matching the talents of the artist with the vision and story of the bride and groom will be covered in an upcoming blog on finding the right videographer.



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