Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wedding Happy Hour

I recently had the chance to participate in a great little event - Wedding Happy Hour  (WHH) at the oh-so-cool Foundry on Melrose.  WHH is a chill get-together for brides and grooms that still have a few things to check off of their wedding to-do list. 

What better way to end a Monday evening than to unwind with a cocktail (or two), yummy food and the opportunity to pick the brains of some the wedding industry's best.  I was shooting for most of it so I didn’t get to try all the delectables being passed around, but I did get to try these little tater tot thingies … kinda like the tater tots you used to have as a child except way tastier.  It definitely appealed to the kid in me … ok, ok granted, a big portion of me is all kid but gosh, is there any other way?  ;)

So here’s a quick snapshot of the evening’s happenings.  if you have a chance, try to make it to the next Wedding Happy Hour …. it’s gonna be good.  Here’s hinting at the fabulousness of the event – it’s going to involve martinis and a pool … ‘nuff said!   Check in later for more details on the August 12th Wedding Happy Hour.

Many thanks to the stellar coordination of Marcia Vidal of Crystal Clear Weddings.

Here’s a fun challenge:  There was a TV celebrity in the crowd.  Can you pick that person out?  (Contact me for the answer.)

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