Thursday, April 1, 2010

cassie + robert | trailer

Before I begin the editing process, I like to get a little input from my clients as to the overall style and vibe they’re looking for in their video. Cassie and Robert’s instructions were, and I quote, “We want the video to capture the excitement and joy of our day, so that when our hair is white and our faces are wrinkled (more than they are now) we can watch the video and feel warm and fuzzy.”

Well, number one … what wrinkles now?

Number two, the wedding was so full of joy and laughter, it made my job way easy. So, to Cassie and Robert … thank you. And fifty years from now, as you’re watching your video, take a self-shot/facebook-style photo and send it to me. It would bring a smile to my wrinkly face to see your wrinkly faces and know there’s some warm and fuzzy stuff going on there. :)

Photography: Jason Q Tran Photography

Venue: The Ebell Club, Long Beach

Officiant: Alan Katz

DJ: Station Identification


  1. that was lovely.

  2. from one grammarian to another; my previous comment was obviously referring to the experience of watching your clip. because the clip itself IS lovely while my experience - in its past tense - WAS lovely.

    the clip is lovely.
    watching it was a lovely experience.

  3. I think the Minister was awesome!!! Cause it was me!!